Good Morning Limerick Southside

Good Morning Limerick Southside Project
The Good Morning Project helps Senior’s stay connected to their Community through daily phone calls.
Befriending service
Helps seniors become more involved in their local area.
Builds better relationships between young and old.
Encourages residents to find out more about staying safe.
Allows our staff to check in on a person’s health.
Home safety / fire checks.
Benefits check.
Links seniors to other services, Meals on Wheels, Care and Repair etc.

We also provide an Information service on a wide range of topics including
Entitlements: Pensions, carer’s allowance, nursing homes, and living alone allowances.
Safety and security issues: Grants for personal alarms
Housing: Accommodation issues, housing adaptation grants, SEAI grants
Employment issues: Age discrimination
Leisure: Social activities, Adult Education